First Tattoo For You

First tattoo idea

Your First Tattoo

You’ve decided you want your first tattoo! Awesome! Now you’ve just got to think about what you want, and where you want to put it. Getting a tattoo is a great way to illustrate something about you. It could be a really personal image, or maybe you want one that has no true meaning but looks amazing. It’s completely up to you.

Have a think about what’s important to you. Do you follow a sports team? Is there a band you love or a breed of dog? Do you have a love of cars that you can’t live without? Maybe a special person in your life has passed away and you’d like to make a permanent memorial to them. There are a lot of different tattoo styles out there. You could look for traditional sailor tattoos or celebrate pop culture. There are religious tattoos and tattoos inspired by famous artists. If you’ve found an area of your life that you want to celebrate, or an idea that inspires you, think about how to show that in an image. Get some ideas down on paper and talk to your tattoo artist. They can take your idea and enhance it, or they can draw it precisely to your instructions – it’s your choice.

What if you have no idea about what you want? That’s no problem. Take a look around at our galleries to get some inspiration. Go and visit your nearest tattoo studio and have a look at the artists’ previous work. There’s always books of images available to look at. Maybe one will catch your eye. There are some tattoos that are popular because they look great. Don’t be afraid to get a copy of a tattoo you like. Every tattoo will be slightly different and so yours will still be original. Check out celebrity tattoos – they are setting trends, so if you want to be ahead of the crowd and get something really fresh, keep an eye on the rich and famous.

There are so many ways to find your perfect first tattoo. It is up to you to look around and find something you like. Talk to your friends, take a look at our galleries and see what inspires you to get your first tattoo.


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