Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half sleeve tattoos

Half Sleeve Tattoos Popularity

Half sleeve tattoos are becoming a very popular choice. A lot of people will choose to have one tattoo that symbolizes something special or unique for them. You can find these tattoos anywhere on the body. A half sleeve tattoo is a way of really making a statement, and it shows that you’re serious about tattoos. A half sleeve tattoo is found on the arm. It can be from the elbow to wrist, or from the elbow to shoulder. Generally the tattoo ink covers the whole space, leaving little to no skin visible. There are a lot of options and ways you can design your half sleeve tattoo. Some people create them by chance when a love for tattoos increases and many unconnected tattoos are inked onto the arm. A tattoo artist can fill in the spaces between the images with a pattern or color to create a fully covered half sleeve.

The other way people design their half sleeve is to choose one large image and they make sure it covers the whole arm area. These large images can look fantastic. It is very important to talk to your tattoo artist about using a single image. They will likely have a lot of experience drawing large images and they can give you excellent advice about how to make it look great. Single images often look good with softer edges, rather than sharp lines. Alternatively you can choose a series of images that are in a particular theme and have them inked on. This also gives you more flexibility when it comes to creating a personalized statement. Use your imagination. What colors do you like? Do you want the images to match? Is there a story you are trying to tell?

If you like to have symmetry in your tattoos, and you plan ahead, a great idea is to design two matching half sleeve tattoos, one for each arm. A pair of tattoos looks fantastic and shows that you have put a lot of effort into your skin art. It also takes a lot of commitment and trust in your chosen tattoo artist. Larger pieces take more time and are often more expensive because of this.

Generally, with a large tattoo like a half sleeve, the outline will be inked on during the first session. The color and shading will be added later. This gives your skin a rest and allows the artist to maintain good concentration. It also means you can pay for the tattoo over two or three sessions, which can make it easier to afford.