Religious Tattoos

Religious Tattoos

Are You Religious? Get Yourself a Religious Tattoo

If your religion plays a large part in your life, why not get a religious tattoo? Usually out of respect it is recommended to place your tattoo above your waist, but this is not a requirement. Religious tattoos can be very beautiful and respectful, or stylish or even funny. You can choose how you want it to look.

Catholic tattoos are very beautiful. A very popular option is to have a Mary Mother of God tattoo. As Mary has many different poses and faces, there are a lot of options about how to show her in a tattoo. Mary tattoos look great when they are drawn as a realistic portrait but also look good as a stylised piece. Crucifixes and crosses show a love and commitment to Jesus. These tattoos can be drawn very delicately or boldly, depending on your personal style and how you want to represent the idea. Another great idea is to show a cross, with hands clasped in prayer in front, often holding rosary beads.

Verses taken from a holy book make for very thoughtful religious tattoos. If there is a particular scripture that inspires you, you can permanently carry it with you on your skin. Some people prefer to wear just the name of the verse, almost like a secret code. This makes the tattoo far more personal, often found on the wrist as a reminder to the wearer. If the liturgical language of the religion isn’t English, the tattoo can look even more visually appealling, it can be worked into a pattern such as a swirl. Sanskit, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin are common religious languages.

If you’re inspired by a famous scene from a holy book or tradition, why not have it inked on you? A famous example is Da Vinci’s Last Supper. This stunning artwork works exceptionally well when spread across the shoulder blades.

A  Thing to Consider Before You Get a Religious Tattoos

Remember, if you are going to get a religious tattoo because of it’s beauty, not because you follow the religion, please make sure it is not disrespectful to its followers. Some religions find images of certain people offensive, for example. If you want to use a language other than your native language, get it checked for accuracy from many different sources.

Religious tattoos are a beautiful way to celebrate what is important to you. Images, quotes and other creative ways show your allegiance and your heartfelt feelings, reinforcing a bond between you and others who would recognise the work.