Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoo ideas

Why Not Get a Small Tattoo First ?

If you are nervous about getting a tattoo done, perhaps think about getting a small tattoo first. A lot of people test out how it feels to get a tattoo by choosing a very small one to begin with. Popular places to get a small tattoo include on the inside of the wrist, the foot and the ankle, even behind the ear. A popular trend is to select a number of very small tattoo images and place them in discreet locations all over the body, like a tattoo treasure hunt. It’s fun to choose a group of images that reflect your personality. Small tattoos are also a good compromise if you are required to keep a professional appearance or you need to keep your tattoo hidden.

If you like the idea of a small tattoo but you don’t know what to get, keep reading! The best advice about getting a small tattoo is that intricate and complicated images should be avoided if you want your tattoo to look good. The detail will be lost in a small space and can become blurred. This really affects the quality of the finished tattoo. Instead, use simple images that are not complicated. You can repeat a single picture a few times to create a great effect without having large images. Simple images look clean, fresh and clear, even from a distance.

Few Small Tattoo Ideas

Popular small tattoos use images like stars and flowers, or use ideas and symbols from pop culture such as the famous Horcrux from Harry Potter or the Transformers symbol. Other ideas include a stylised moustache on the inside of your finger, or an anchor or a single letter in a beautiful typeface. Anything that can be recognised using just an outline is a great idea, for example, the shape of a bird or a bat can look great without being complicated. Some brand name logos are wells suited to small tattoos, because they are simple and easily recognised. Suits from a deck of cards (clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts) look fantastic, so do numbers. Numbers in particular are great because they are simple but can hold a lot of meaning, such as your lucky number or a birthday or anniversary.

Small tattoos are a great way to test out how it feels to get ink in your skin. They are quick to complete and look great.