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Ideas For Men Tattoos

Tattoos look great on men. There are so many different styles you can choose from if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo. Masculine styles have been popular tattoo ideas for years. Men can get tattoos in many different areas of the body. The upper arms, chest and back are the most popular places. This means there is a lot of space to have large tattoos that really make an impression. What if you want to have a manly tattoo but don’t know what to get? There are a lot of different styles and ideas to choose from.

If you are interested in traditional masculine tattoos, you can consider ‘old school’ sailor jerry style tattoos. You will recognize theses tattoo images like swallows (birds), anchors and hearts with arrows through them. Skulls and skeletons are very popular, and work well if they are combined with traditional images like roses or daggers. Skull tattoos look good in large or small sizes, and can be repeated to great effect.

Dragon tattoos come in many styles, the most popular are the English or European dragons. They look amazing wrapped around an arm or in full flight across the back. Chinese and Asian dragons look great too, especially in colour.

Popular Tattoo Ideas For Men

One of the most popular tattoo ideas for men is to have tattoos of beautiful women. Pin up girls are usually wearing short skirts or little dresses, and show a lot of sexy curves. Some pin up girl tattoos are completely naked. You can choose to have traditional pin up girl styles, or you can ask your tattoo artist to create a pin up girl that looks like a famous celebrity you like. You can find pin up girls draped over motorbikes or muscle cars, or get creative with something like a sexy witch riding a broomstick, for example – go with what makes you happy and looks good.

If you have a passion for sports, get a sports related tattoo. Your favorite team insignia or club logo really shows your commitment to the team. If your team has won a premiership or championship, why not mark it with a tattoo of the cup with the date and team name? Those tattoos often gain a lot of respect from others who also support your team.

Tattoos for men are endless. Our advice is to be bold. Large, strong tattoos look great on men. Masculine tattoos show a lot about who you are so make a statement.