Potrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoo

Ideas For Potrait Tattoos

A wonderful way to celebrate a person is to get their portrait tattooed on you as a lasting tribute to them. There are three common types of portrait tattoo, and we have advice from a professional tattoo artist about how to get the best quality portrait tattoo.

If someone you loves passes away, a really touching way to honor their memory is to get an image of them put permanently into your skin. Placed above the heart, on the upper arm or back, the face of your loved one or friend can always be there with you. If you add their name, or their dates of birth and death, it can be an extra special reminder.
To celebrate the arrival of a new son or daughter, or to make a permanent commitment to a husband or wife, why not get a portrait of them inked on you? Your children won’t stay young forever, and your blushing bride never looked as beautiful as on your wedding day, so why not capture those precious moments forever?

Celebrities and famous people are often very important people in our lives. If you’re in love with a star, or have an undying respect for a person who stood up for something you believe it, having a portrait of them is a great way to celebrate how they inspire you.

Make Sure That Yours Potrait Tattos Looks Perfect

How can you make sure your portrait tattoo looks perfect? There’s a lot you can do before you even get to the tattoo studio. First, if your tattoo will be in black and grey (the most common and effective style), find the best quality black and grey photo of your subject. It must be a very high resolution, because when your tattoo artist wants to enlarge it to see detail, it must keep clear lines – if it pixellates or goes blurry, your artist will just have to guess what your person looks like, and that’s not a good idea.

Finally, choose a good tattoo artist. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their previous portrait work. Look for smooth blending of colors and shades. If it’s a portrait of a famous person, consider trying a stylised image of them, think about a caricature or a monochrome outline if the person is instantly recognizable. Color can really look excellent in a portrait tattoo – again, speak to as many artists as you need to so you can find the right person for the task. This is one tattoo that you want to have done perfectly.