Full Sleeve Tattoo

Full sleeve tattoo

Tell a Story With Tattoo! Get Full Sleeve Tattoo

A full sleeve tattoo covers one whole arm from shoulder to wrist. You can be very flexible about where to start and end the tattoos. Full sleeve tattoos can include the hand and reach up over the shoulder and continue onto the chest or back.

A good full sleeve tattoo takes time and planning. A large piece like this will really stand out and make a statement about you. Make sure you put in the effort so that your full sleeve tattoo will stand out and look great.

The best way to approach a full sleeve tattoo is to go with a theme. Think of a story you want to tell or an impression you want to give. You have a lot of room. Consider linking many smaller images with background shading. Alternatively, connect just a few larger iconic images.

Ideas for Full Sleeve Tattos

A full sleeve tattoo can be entirely black and grey, or full colour. It’s a very good idea to stick to one or the other. If the tattoo is partially black and grey with skin tone, and partially coloured, it tends to look patchy and incomplete. If you decide to get your other arm fully tattooed later, make sure it matches the colours of the first. A full black and grey sleeve on one side and a brightly coloured sleeve on the other side can look uneven and can distract from the actual designs of the tattoos.

If you are really good at thinking and planning ahead, consider designing a matching pair of full sleeves for your arms. Use your body as a canvas to showcase some beautiful art.

If you’re ready to get a full sleeve tattoo, find some images that you like and think about the story you want to tell. Take it all to your tattoo artist and talk to them about it. Once they’ve drawn up a design that you’re happy with, the tattooing can begin. Full sleeve tattoos will take a while to complete, depending on the skill of the artist, your tolerance for being worked on and the complexity of the design. The outline alone can take one or two sessions, followed by more to fill in the details. Be prepared for this to be a long term relationship with your tattoo artist, so choose well. When done well, full sleeve tattoos are some of the most striking and impressive art around.