Sister Tattoo Ideas


You Have a Sister? Get a Sister Tattoo

Sisters often have a special bond between them. You share your family experiences but you also share your love and friendship. You can rely on your sister no matter how hard things get. Even if you disagree or argue sometimes, you know that your love for each other will always be there. A really wonderful way to celebrate the strong bonds between you and you sister is to get a sisters tattoo.

Tattoos for sisters are great. One way to show that you both love each other is to get a matching tattoo. Is there a secret code that you shared when you were little? Or maybe you had a special toy that you both loved. Maybe as you’ve grown up you find that you both love butterflies or Elmo or a special lyric from a song. Any of these ideas could be the beginning of a tattoo idea for both of you to get. When people see you together and see your matching tattoos, they will know there is something special between you.

Some Sisters Tattoo Ideas

The great thing about sisters tattoos is that they can be of whatever you want. They don’t have to match exactly, either. It’s a clever thing to see a pair of tattoos that are clearly connected but still relate well to the individual. Maybe you each get one one line of a poem, or have the other sisters name tattooed on you. Two halves of a heart or another pattern that only becomes whole when held together. You can get creative and use whatever truly comes to mind.If there’s more than two sisters to get tattoos there are also a lot of great ideas for you. Russian nesting dolls are fantastic – the oldest sister gets the biggest one, the youngest sister gets the smallest one and middle sized ones for sisters in between. The image doesn’t have to complicated, and it doesn’t have to be in the same place, either. They joy of celebrating a sisters relationship is also the joy of celebrating your individuality. Do you speak more than one language or share a love for another country? You could get the word sister written in another language or another alphabet. This adds a little bit of mystery to the casual observer – who doesn’t love a sisterly secret?!

Sisters tattoos are a great way to show how much you love the women in your life.