Dragon Tattoo ideas

Dragon Tattoo ideasIdeas for Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos can be some of the most beautiful art on skin. There are so many different styles of dragons there is probably one that suits you perfectly.

For example, the English dragon is probably the most recognised type of dragon. It forms the stuff of myth and legend – think about knights slaying the fire-breathing dragon, or Smaug himself from Tolkein’s Hobbit. Broad wings and a stout body form the shape of the English dragon, and they commonly symbolise victory, especially regal/royal victory. Another example is the Chinese dragon. The Chinese dragons are lithe and thinner than the English dragon. It has more fine detailing at the edges – think of Chinese New Year dragons costumes that are danced through parades. They can symbolise wisdom and longevity.

If you have a love of dragons and what they symbolise, consider staying with just one style of dragon. Mixing different historical styles and points of origin can look messy and inconsistent. Dragons can be a stunning centrepiece of a larger tattoo or can be a striking stand-alone piece. You can integrate other tattoos with a dragon, as often the dragon can be fluidly fit around older ink. You can create stories or motifs with dragons, for example the dragon could be protecting a pile of golden treasure or fighting a brave knight, or even carrying off the spoils of war.

Think about how you would like your dragon to look on your body. They can wrap themselves around an arm or leg, for example. Or perhaps your dragon resides on your back, with wings spread proudly across the shoulder blades. These dragons often have the appearance of being in motion, which just looks amazing. Your tattoo artist can really work some magic here with colour, turning a simple image into a living, breathing mystical beast.

If you like a simpler or more subtle approach, a dragon tattoo can be small – a solid black silhouette as a reminder of magic, or bravery or power or fable can be just as powerful. Even well known cartoon dragons have found their way into tattoo art. Dragon tattoos don’t have to be serious or detailed, they can be quite simple and even fun.