Tribal Tattoos

tribal tattooPopular Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have become very popular in recent years. While they have come to prominence in the last 15 years or so, tribal tattoos actually have a very long history.

Different ethnic groups have used tattooing to communicate ideas for thousands of years. Some tattoos have shown status, identity, maps, heritage or medicinal cures. Tattooing originated in the Pacific Islands, so many tribes in the region have developed their own cultural significance around tattoos.

Tribal tattoos are often aesthetically striking, using bold black lines, reflecting the simplicity of the original tattooing methods and tools. They give a bold and often masculine impression. This combination of simplicity and strength has led to a new interpretation of tribal tattoo art for the modern tattoo community. Although the actual symbolic meaning of the tattoos may have been lost in the artistic reimagining, there is still a lot to see and appreciate in the modern tribal tattoo style.

Modern Tribal Tattos and Things to Consider

The modern tribal tattoos are usually always solid black, although negative space and outline work may also be used. It is very rare to see colour in a tribal tattoo. The modern art is rarely influenced by historical tribal meanings or significance, rather, style alone is the guide. Tribal tattoos are bold, and can easily be recognised from a distance. On one hand, they are simple, easily seen and appreciated. On the other hand, the patterns and motifs that make up the tattoo can actually be quite complex.

If you are thinking about getting a tribal tattoo, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is to make sure that the design you choose does not already represent something important to a living tribe. It may be considered offensive to have ritually significant markings or patterns on your skin if you do not identify with the tribe that has inspired you. This would be similar to having your foreign language tattoo checked by a native speaker BEFORE having it permanently marked on your skin.

The second thing to remember is that tribal tattoos often involve large solid black swathes of ink. If you decide at a later date to remove or cover your tribal tattoo, you will find it particularly difficult, as solid black is the most resistant to removal and is almost impossible to cover well.

If you keep these warnings in mind, and you are happy to get a tribal tattoo, then there are many patterns and styles to suit all tastes. The flexibility in design allows tribal tattoos to be placed in any area of the body, from a ring around a bicep to a full back piece that extends to the neck and shoulders – it’s you choice!