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Women Tatto Ideas

Get Yourself a Great Women Tattoo

Many years ago it was difficult for women to get tattoos, but now it is a very popular thing for women to do. There are a lot of different styles and ideas about tattoos for women. You can choose to have them anywhere on your body, too. Some women prefer to have them in areas that are discreet like the back or thigh. Other women prefer to have tattoos on their arms or chest – it’s completely up to you!

There are a lot of great tattoo ideas for women. You can choose to use the tattoos as a kind of permanent decoration. Think about creating a vine of flowers draped around an ankle and foot, or maybe some stars sparkling over your shoulder. Any type of flower will look great. Roses, jasmine and frangipani are popular, so are lilies and daisies. You can choose to have one large flower or many small ones, both look really effective and beautiful. Cherry blossoms on a tree look stunning and can work at any size, however it looks especially amazing spread over your whole back.

Thoughtful tattoos for women are often created with feathers to show freedom and lightness. The same can be said for angels and wings. Use angels for delicate memorial tattoos, or combine an angel with a devil to show your cheeky personality!

Ideas For Women Tattoos

Do you love animals? If you love cats or dogs or fish or any animal, one inked on your skin can really show your passion for pets. They can look realistic or drawn like a cartoon with big eyes and paws, for example. Cute tattoos of birds flying free from a cage, or a key showing that you cannot be locked up are ways to make a statement about your power as a woman.

If you love books or literature, or you have a romantic streak, why not consider a line or two of poetry? Find a line that really shows what you care about. Song lyrics or quotes from people you admire also make for excellent tattoos. They can be written anywhere on your body, and embellished with images that enhance the text.

There really are so many ideas for women. Do you want to make a bold statement or would you like to embellish a part of your body that you love? Do you want a simple delicate tattoo that only you can see, or a bright piece of art for all the world to admire? You can choose whatever you like!