Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

Lower back tatoos

Popular Lower Back Tattoos

Most commonly popular with women, a lower back tattoo can be a great addition if you want to have some ink that you can choose to show off or hide. They can be a very sexy highlight, drawing the eye and highlighting beautiful areas of your body. A lower back tattoo can use any type of design, although usually it is symmetrical so that both sides look the same, meeting in a central point on the spine. Lower back tattoos are very decorative and look great over low rise jeans or crop top.

Getting a tattoo on your lower back means you aren’t restricted with space. There is a lot of room to expand a design and include many elements. You can even design your tattoo so it reaches all the way up your spine – the options are endless. Because the design is often quite narrow, it leaves a lot of room to add more ink and art on your back at a later date.

Ideas for Lower Back Tattos

Butterflies are perfect as the centre of a lower back tattoo – their symmetrical wings sit in a lovely way, leaving lots of room for delicate embellishments. Butterflies also symbolise freedom and transformation. A heart or flower can also form a stunning centrepiece to a design. Think of using patterns, vines or even tribal designs to accentuate the central artwork. Don’t be afraid to combine themes either – a tribal vine with nautical stars and flowers can look amazing, for example.

Another style of lower back tattoo is to get two matching pieces on either side of the spine. A pair of birds, or cats or bats or flowers or anything you like show an eye for balance and delicacy. Words, poetry, or a giant oak tree to show that you’re grounded and strong. Get philosophical with it or relax and get something fun. There are so many different choices. If you want to be original, grab a marker and play around with drawing delicate patterns. Use different colours, incorporate varying lines and shapes. If you like, find a picture that you’d like to feature in the middle. Take your efforts to your local tattoo artist and show them. They will draw up a design based on your work. Don’t worry if you don’t feel confident drawing – just play around and see what happens. Your artist is a professional and will create something great from your ideas.