Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

Best Friend Tatoo

Ideas For Best Friend Tattoo

If you have found a best friend for life, a person who understands you, someone who knows you better than you know yourself, then why not cement that bond with a best friends tattoo? There are so many ways to reflect and honor a friendship but a tattoo has to be one of the best. The best part about matching best friend tattoos is that only you and your friend will truly know the meaning behind it. It might honor a special moment in your friendship, or it might be the punchline to an in-joke. It might just be a symbol that you both like and are happy to have it represent your relationship. Whatever you choose, you can be confident that the love you have for each other will never die. So what could make a great best friend tattoo?

Why not each get one half of a song lyric that you both love? Or two halves of a locket? A matching pair of hearts, skulls, anchors or roses? Are there two characters from a favourite cartoon that you both adore?

Best friends are often similar, but they still have bright individual personalities that shine through. After all, isn’t one of the reasons you love your best friend her great personality? If you two match well in real life by being yourselves, why not think about a pair of tattoos? Each one reflects the person wearing it, but the two together just make sense. This can work really well if your best friend is the opposite gender – a male and female version of the same idea can really look amazing. How about a queen’s crown and a king’s crown? Or maybe two puzzles pieces that interlock? You could even use Tetris block formations. What about a planet and a rocket, or a flower and a bee? The ideas are truly endless.

What if you have more than one best friend? What if there’s a group of you who’ve been best friends for years and you just couldn’t live without them? Everyone can get the same image, either in the same place or on different parts of the body. Or you could go for a series of tattoos that look great individually and then come together to form a very impressive and coherent whole. If there’s four in the group, you could each get a suit from a deck of cards, of 5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Have fun and remember that you and your friend are the only people that need to understand what’s going on with your tattoo. After all, it’s one more shared moment between best friends.